I lead Arcadia Communications Lab, a 35-person global collaborative solely focused
on helping established businesses communicate about innovation…and innovate
communications. We currently work on content and novel distribution channels for the top brand names in AI and robotics, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, and sustainable

Previously, I led the development of Nissan’s first alternate fuels racing program (with
M.I.T.), Victoria Secret’s first online fashion show, and Apple’s introduction of the first iMac.

I’m the author of eight books on communications and culture, the most recent of which is entitled A Cross of Silicon. I was formerly a regular contributor to Forbes, Advertising Age, and Information Week, and have written for other outlets, such as Fast Company and Entrepreneur.

I’m a Senior Fellow Emeritus of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History and formerly worked as a managing director of TechNexus, Chicago’s B2B tech startup incubator.

I also recently completed Measurement, a musical about the Michelson-Morley experiments that will be performed as a staged reading for free. Please join us!

  • Beloit, WI: Saturday, December 7th @2pm tickets
  • Beloit, WI: Sunday, December 8th @2pm tickets
  • Chicago, IL: Saturday, January 18th @7pm tickets
  • Chicago, IL: Sunday, January 19th @2pm tickets

There’s more about me at my website: jonathansalembaskin.com.